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Dynamic Technologies Co., Ltd

About Us

Founded in 1999 in Calgary, Canada,?DTCC?has rapidly grown to become an international high-tech enterprise focusing on the production of leading-edge seismic sensing products. With pioneering R&D, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and continually active and growing sales and industry presence, DTCC has become the leading provider of seismic imaging equipment in the World.? DTCC’s Research and engineering headquarters are based in Shenzhen, China with marketing and technology service centers strategically established in Beijing, China and North America, while manufacturing is advantageously located in Dongguan, China. DTCC provides market leading seismic sensing solutions to a broad range of customers in the energy and mineral exploration sectors, research institutions, governmental and non-governmental entities for wide ranging applications. The DTCC products are used for oil and gas and mineral exploration, engineering geophysical surveys, earthquake monitoring as well as for geophysical scientific research.? DTCC creates three main nodal seismic sensors, with a self-designed, high-sensitivity geophone DT-SOLO as the core: ??IGU-16, single component Smart Seismic Sensor ??IGU-16HR 3C, three components Smart Seismic Sensor ??IGU-BD3C-5, low frequency three components Smart Seismic Sensor SmartSolo smart seismic sensor focusing on vibration sensing technology, providing vibration sensing solutions for energy and mineral exploration, urban shallow geological exploration, geological hazard prevention and detection, engineering exploration and environmental vibration monitoring and other industries, to help humans perceive the complex world easily.

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